Firmness, elasticity, all the secrets of the skin

unveiled by Easystiff

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Analyze the effectiveness of your cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in a single gesture with Easystiff 

Our device mesures the biomechanical properties of the skin in real time in order to help you optimize the performance of your cosmetic care and measure the performance of your pharmaceutical products.

Tension, firmness and elasticity: Easystiff is the innovative device that mesures the biomechanical properties of the skin in-vivo. With a simple tap, its sensors measure the resistance and biomechanical values of each skin compartment and transcribe them on your computer screen in real time. From the stratum corneum to the hypodermis, the skin will have no more secrets !

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How will Easystif optimize your clinical trials?

By measuring the biomechanical properties of the skin, Easystiff brings real added value to your clinical trials of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. This small scientific device has the ability to extract the biomechanical characteristics of all layers of the skin and locate the place of action of your product. You can thus accurately visualize in real time its effects and effectiveness on the skin. All this in one gesture!

The skin of the face, neck, forearm, abdomen; healed or not, treated or not, will have no more secrets for you ! Where other devices can’t go, Easystiff becomes the perfect tool !


Features of Easystiff

Connectivity: 1 single USB-C cable, no control unit

Power: 5 V

Interface: web, integrated artificial intelligence

Dimensions: 6.14 x 4.99 x 18.8 cm

Measuring depth: 0-1.2 mm

Probe: 1 mm

Auto-start mode: when a displacement is measured

Calibration: automatic with certificate

Weight: only 200 g

Top 3 reasons why you’ ll love Easystiff:

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1. More precise because the parameters of firmness, elasticity and integrity of the skin can be extracted for each layer!

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2. Only one measure is needed! Raw data is analyzed and actionable in less than 2 seconds.

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3. Perfectly suitable for non-experts, easy to use: no purchase or maintenance costs, just rental!

Our clients talk about Easystiff!

Hanane Charja
Hanane Charja

Société : Clariant

Poste : Head of Biological evaluation department

What challenges has EASYSTIFF addressed?
Ability to measure a very precise and localized area such as the lower eyelid, which is suitable for studying the firmness of the eye contour and the ring area. A difficult area to measure in general.

What is the added value of EASYSTIFF compared to existing solutions?

The mechanical property (stiffness) of the skin can be determined either on the entire skin layer or by compartment (sc, epidermis, dermis, etc.). This is not the case with current devices. Visuals are also a plus for marketing illustrations.

Would you recommend this solution ?
Yes, very deeply.

Other comments :
The device is very simple to use and very practical.

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